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This is a sweatshirt item that you want to use in a variety of situations, such as wearing it alone at the turn of the season, layering it, or wearing it indoors. The embroidery on the left cuff is simple but eye-catching.


Fabric Thickness: 10.0oz

Fabric Color: Gray

Material: 100% Cotton , Inner Pile

The embroidery is made in Japan


*The color of the photo may differ from the actual product color, or the image may differ depending on your monitor. Please understand this in advance.


*We may use recycled packing materials.


Sales Tax Included
patch color
  • ・When washing, please use detergent that does not contain fluorescent whitening agents.

    ・Wash dark colors separately from white and light colors.

    ・Do not leave it wet.

    ・After washing, arrange the shape in the direction of the grain and dry it.

    ・Due to the nature of the dye, color transfer may occur due to friction or sweat.

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