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Sticker made of vinyl material (for outdoor use)

Resistant and water-resistant, allowing for a little bit of exposure to water.

Assorted sets (each containing one sticker), so you can stick them anywhere you like.


Large: Height 8cm

Medium: Height 6cm

Small: Height 4cm

Very small: Height 2cm


Material: Vinyl chloride (for outdoor use)

Country of origin: Japan


*The colors in the pictures may differ from the colors of the actual products, or the images may differ depending on your monitor. Thank you for your understanding in advance.


*Recycled packing materials may be used.

Stickers (4 pieces)

Sales Tax Included
  • *Adhesion to smooth surfaces is recommended. It is possible to adhere to uneven surfaces, but it will peel off easily. It is not suitable for bonding to wood, clay walls, wallpaper, or dirty walls.

    Due to the characteristics of the material, the entire surface may shrink slightly and curl at the corners when used over a long period of time.

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